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We have posted our entire "Demo CD" online. The pieces have also been categorized into where they have most commonly been used during a ceremony. Don't let this dictate what is played when for you! It's your ceremony; have pieces when you want them. However, if you're looking for guidance, these are some recorded suggestions.

All of these tracks are recorded as a trio. To hear the difference between a Duo, Trio and Quartet, look to the bottom of the page.

Prelude Music (Before the ceremony)
Allegro from Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Allegro from Mozart's Divertimento #1

Processionals (bride and party walking down the isle)
Trumpet Voluntary, Clarke
Dodi Li, traditional Jewish bridal processional
Wedding March, Wagner
(specify the composer)
Erev Shel shoshanim, traditional Jewish party pocessional
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, Bach

Air (on the G string) Bach
Cannon in D, Pachelbel
Largo from Xerces, Handel

Interludes (breaks for music during the ceremony)
Andante from Trio Sonata #1, Tartini
Air from Water Music, Handel
One Hand, One Heart, Bernstein
Winter from The Four Seasons, Vivaldi

Recessionals (leaving the ceremony)
Wedding March, Mendellsohn (specify the composer)
Entrance March from the Queen of Sheeba, Handel
Rondeau, Mourette
Gigue from Orchestral Suite, Bach
Hornpipe from Water Music, Handel
Allegro from Trio Sonata 1, Tartini
Simon Tov, traditional Jewish recessional
Yedid Nefesh, traditional Jewish recessional

Reception Music
Devil's Dream, traditional fillde tune
Valse Lente, Delibes

Arioso usually performs as a trio, though we offer quartet and dou appearances as well. For very large or wind-prone outdoor venues, a quartet is more appropriate. For most other venues, a trio produces a sufficient amount of sound and has enough texture (different instruments) to make the performance musically interesting. Below are Duo, Trio and Quartet recordings of Clarke's Trumpet Voluntary to show the difference in sound.

Clarke Trumpet Voluntary
Duo Trio Quartet

..and just in case you thought we were too uptight, here's what we do in our free time.