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To book and type of even there is a non-refundable deposit of $150. You will receive a personalized and detailed contract containing information about location, payment arrangements and details of what to expect from us.

This web page is intended to give the reader an impression of what the group can offer you. We break down the costs by service to cater to a variety of budgets. Base rates, special services and discounts are outlined below.


First hour or

one ceremony

Each additional hour
Trio 600 225
Quartet 750 400

Weddings and Parties

For weddings, we offer a number of specialized services. We can record and produce a CD of music used on your special day to keep, or to give out to guests. Using premier notation software, we can arrange nearly any piece that you would like played at your event and provide you with a framed page from the score. For elaborate and very involved ceremonies, we can observe your rehearsal to ensure a perfectly executed appearance.

Special Services

These are some of the special services that we offer. Prices on these vary depending on the specifics of the situations. Feel free to inquire about specifics of what is listed here or other services that you may be looking for.

Travel - We rarely have to charge for travel to events. However, internet advertising has broadened our market from surrounding towns to all of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island. Travel rates are charged according to Map Quest's times and directions from zip code 06512 to destinations over an hour.

On site extra rehearsal - We welcome the opportunity to work with musicians outside of our group. Often the best time to coordinate a rehearsal is early on the day of the event, as to avoid extra scheduling costs. Typically a one-hour rehearsal is more than sufficient preparation.

Rehearsal attendance- Usually it is not necessary for a trio member to attend the wedding rehearsal. However, if a members presence is requested typical rates are around $100.

Rehearsal CD - Provided that we have recorded copies of the music, we can compile a CD of your wedding music to play at your rehearsal to help you feel more comfortable with timing.

CD Production - We can record and produce a CD of music played at your event. Arrangements for this type of service range greatly. Any of these CDs must comply with copyright laws.

Arrangements - Selections that we do not have in our repertoire and are not available for purchase can be arranged for prices ranging from $25-$75 per song.