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Booking Process

There is an immense amount of planning required for weddings... and that is an understatement!  Our goal is to help you plan musical aspects beforehand so that they aren't a concern on your wedding day. This section outlines how you can best plan musical aspects of your service and how we will help you feel comfortable in the process.

Please note that the process described below is the optimum planning schedule. We can book farther ahead of time or on shorter notice. Many times, couples don't find our services until a month or even weeks in advance. We can usually accommodate for these circumstances. On a couple occasions, we have received calls from couples who had another group back out on the day of their wedding. Our extensive working repertoire enabled us not only to play for the event, but we played the music they had originally selected.

4-10 months in advanceWhat to do:  Make your initial contact with the group to check for availability by email or phone call. In doing this include your the date, time (if known) and location of your ceremony and reception.   

What to expect: An answer by email or phone call, usually by the end of that day. We will let you know of our availability and wait for your final decision to book the group.

What to do: When you know enough about the group and feel comfortable committing, let us know. 

What to expect: We will draft a "Booking agreement" to reserve the day or write up a full contract, depending on the amount of information available. This will be sent by US mail with a copy for you to keep.

What to do:  Sign a copy of your booking agreement or contract and return it with the booking fee.  Begin to think about what musical selections you would like to hear during your service or ask us for advice.

1-4 months in advance

What to do: Decide upon the selections you would like played during your service.

What to expect: If we haven't done so, write up a full contract, such as the one here.

2 weeks in advance

If you are paying by check, mail your check in so that we receive it at least one week in advance.

Apx. 1 week in advance
What to expect:  A phone call confirming your date, time and details.

What to do: Try to relax! Find one person who will can make sure that the appropriate space and chairs are available when we arrive and make it their responsibility to bring us a check on the wedding day.

Wedding DayWhat to do:  Get married!  If you have done it right, everyone will be doing your work for you.

On the day of your wedding we will show up to the ceremony location 45-60 minutes before ceremony is scheduled to begin.
We will set up and be ready to play 30 minutes before the ceremony.
As guests arrive we will begin playing and continue to play until we get a signal to begin the processional.
We will play any amount of music during the ceremony, a recessional and one or two songs as guests leave the ceremony area.